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A brand is the emotional connection to you and your users.

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At Double Whammy Studios, we love results just as much as creating beautiful digital products such as video and animations. We strategically work with our clients and other agencies to ensure the final objective is met.

We also believe in the practice of “Launch and Learn”. We do not just hand over the final product and walk away. We monitor analytics closely to ensure the final product is doing well in the market place. It’s not always about “making the logo bigger” to enhance performance.


Check out some of our latest works from Double Whammy Studios below
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Canadian Labour Congress

Canadian Labour Congress 360º ‘Refugee’ Experience

Collaborating with Redline Interactive & Mammoth VR. Helping with this amazing 360º Virtual Reality production shoot for the Canadian Labour Congress in telling a story of how it would feel if your home became a war zone and you had no control over it. Check out the video here.

Canadian Labour Congress

Canadian Labour Congress ‘Precarious Work’

Collaborating with Redline Interactive. We shot and edited a touching story of how precarious works happens in Canada and to raise awareness for better work equality. Check out the video here.

habitat for humanity

Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta

Habitat for Humanity reached out to Double Whammy Studios to help them tell the right story that would captivate the viewers hearts to help their fund raiser.

What We Do


We make film and video content, and we’re dam good at it. From TV spot commercials to documentaries and explainer videos. We do it all. We bring your big… or small idea, to life and push you in the right direction with all your digital needs to connect with your market and users.


Need that website or logo designed? We take care of your design needs from start to finish. We have our talented team of designers and developers to push your brand and website to the next level. With SEO in mind we ensure your website get its best search results and improve market share to reach your audience.


It’s not just about making things pretty or the logo bigger. Every move we do is based on strategy and an objective that you require. Whether its to advertise your next product or educate people on the world wide web. We focus on your return on investment and aim high to achieve and surpass your expectations. On paper, and in your heart.

Film and video can captivate ones hearts and emotions to give the viewer a different experience in life they have never felt before.

– Double Whammy Studios